SGS Membership

2024 Membership Application and Renewal Form, 2023-2024 (June 1, 2023-May 31, 2024)

The Southington Genealogical Society, Inc. is a genealogical society incorporated or authorized to do business or conduct affairs in Connecticut in accordance with Section 7-51 of the General Statutes,

Why join?

In addition to the monthly meetings where member have the opportunity to learn from a variety of speakers and each other, members receive a membership card. With this card, “During all normal business hours, members of genealogical societies incorporated or authorized by the Secretary of the State to do business or conduct affairs in this state shall (1) have full access to all vital records in the custody of any registrar of vital statistics, including certificates, ledgers, record books, card files, indexes and database printouts, except for those records containing Social Security numbers protected pursuant to 42 USC 405 (c)(2)(C), and confidential files on adoptions, gender change, gestational agreements and paternity, (2) be permitted to make notes from such records, (3) be permitted to purchase certified copies of such records, and (4) be permitted to incorporate statistics derived from such records in the publications of such genealogical societies. For all vital records containing Social Security numbers that are protected from disclosure pursuant to federal law, the Social Security numbers contained on such records shall be redacted from any certified copy of such records issued to a genealogist by a registrar of vital statistics.”

As a condition of membership in the Southington Genealogical Society, all members are required to review and agree in writing to our Code of Ethics. Upon renewal of their annual membership, each member reaffirms their adherence to this ethical code of conduct.

Code of Ethics
In consideration of being accepted as member(s) of the Southington Genealogical Society, Inc. and in order to protect the integrity of public records and library books, I am/we are ethically bound and hereby agree that:

1) I/we will research vital records for genealogical or historical purposes only;
2) I/we will treat with the greatest care and respect all public records and library books that may be available for my/our use;
3) I/we will respect the privacy of the individuals whose information I/we encounter in research;
4) I/we will respect the custodians of the records.

Membership Fees:
$10 for the first applicant, $15 for two at the same address, $5 for youth (10-17 years of age)

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