August 24 Meeting: Share Your Stories

Let’s get together at the Southington Historical Society on August 24 at 7pm and share stories of our ancestors.

We’ve just enjoyed two wonderful programs on making our family histories come alive – in June Marion Wood Burke’s in person “Bitesize Projects” and July’s live webinar “Adding Historical Context to Your Genealogy Research: A Hands-on Approach” by Kate Eakman. Syllabi for both are available in case you missed the presentations.

Now it’s time to put those lessons into practice! Using Marion and Kate’s ideas, prepare the story of one or more of your ancestors to present to our group. Each participant will have no more than 10 minutes to tell their stories. Pictures and props are encouraged. If time allows, attendees may be able to share a second story if they wish.

Remember – don’t just recite names and dates – let’s try to bring our folks and their times back to life.

Meeting location: Southington Historical Center, 239 Main Street, Southington CT

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